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The label

If Bernadotte is not quite of royal lineage, its label has the appearance of it.

The first distinctive feature of a bottle of wine, the label is a signature. It is a certificate of guarantee that gives the buyer the assurance of buying a quality wine. Our counter-labels comply with mandatory labels that allow consumers to be informed and reassured about wine and its properties. 

Over time and following fashions, Bernadotte's labels have evolved. Goodbye to information-overloaded labels; make space for a modern and elegant design. Today, with a clean aesthetic that offers immediate legibility, Bernadotte's label is simply chic and clear.

The chateau logo representing the Swedish crown rises above the B of Bernadotte; it is the focal point of the label on a square, original format. Worked in two shades of gold and in relief, it gained confidence and power from this logo, bringing to the eye, as to the touch, an aspect of sophistication without ostentation. Still in relief, black varnish, Chateau Bernadotte stretches and places itself just below. The chateau, in the framed background, gives a nod to tradition to perfect a balanced label that reflects an assertive personality.

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