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Chateau Bernadotte in Haut-Médoc

Bernadotte is the property of Haut-Médoc located in the Saint Sauveur commune, at the place called le Fournas. Its vineyard covers some forty hectares; it runs along the Pauillac appellation.


In the tradition of Médoc, Chateau Bernadotte produces mainly red wines. Heir to the best of wine culture and civilization, Chateau Bernadotte skilfully combines the contributions of modern technologies in the service of tradition. Long-keeping or young vintage, its good, well-made and shareable wines are appreciated all over the world. 


To meet Chateau Bernadotte, its wines and the people who imagine them. Welcome to a vineyard and an exceptional history. Our business is complex; so we'd like this visit to bring you closer to our universe. Bernadotte wines are made with humanity because they are a common asset of pleasure and generosity. Each bottle contains the vine carefully worked by the men of Bernadotte, but also the seasons, time, sensitivity and mystery. These are all the elements that make up a wine. This is what you enjoy in a glass of Bernadotte. Each tasting must be the promise of a new pleasure. Because our wine, like every wine, is unique. An appointment with the Chateau Bernadotte wines.

Chateau Bernadotte, Bourgeois Vintage

For a time in the giron of Pichon Longueville Countess of Lalande, its prestigious neighbor, Bernadotte retained from this kinship the requirement of excellence. A singular Bourgeois Vintage that continues to rise over the years, Chateau Bernadotte renews itself and distinguishes itself as much by its visionary spirit as by an environmentally friendly and innovative management of the company. Responsibly operated, Chateau Bernadotte is certified as a High-Value Environmental operation.


Chateau Bernadotte & the environment 

As its major challenge for the future, Bernadotte has committed to an environmentally friendly management through a reasoned vineyard culture.

There is little or no use of chemical fertilizers, replaced by the supply of natural organic matter. The techniques remain traditional and incorporate strict control of yields. The harvest, performed fully manually until 2015, is now accompanied by the machine.


The property has been certified by AFNOR AREA 2 since 2015 and HVE 3 since 2016. These High Environmental Value labels attest that the reductions, or even the pollution eliminations, are effective.

The use of water is reasoned and saving energy is preferred. 


Bernadotte in the blink of an eye

Chateau Bernadotte

Bourgeois Vintage

Haut-Médoc Appellation

Saint-Sauveur Commune, a place called Le Fournas

Vineyard terrain: fine gravel, sandy and clay-limestone

Vineyard area: 40 ha under a single tenant

Grape varieties: 51% Cabernet Sauvignon + 48% Merlot + 1% Petit Verdot

Average vineyard age: 30 years old

Planting density: 10,000 plants/ha

Aging: 14 to 16 months in barrels: 1/3 in new barrels + 1/3 of 1 wine + 1/3 of 2 wines

Production: an average of 200,000 bottles

Owner: King Power Group (HK)

General Manager-Winemaker: Guillaume Mottes

Oenologist advisor: Hubert de Boüard

Responsible Operations: AREA2 and HVE3 Certifications

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