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Grape varieties 


The grape varieties

Scientists agree that the vine gives its best result when it is at its geographical limit.

This is how the grapes concentrate all their tannins, aromas and coloring. And this is precisely the case in Haut-Médoc, because the fruit takes a long time to ripen.
The location is ideal for the two major grape varieties that we plant, Cabernet-Sauvignon (51%), Merlot (48%) in perfect harmony with the vineyard terrain.

The Gulf Stream,
a providential marine current

Located on the 45th parallel halfway between the North Pole and the equator, Bordeaux should have the climate of New York which would make the region unsuitable for growing vines. But benevolent nature decided otherwise by bringing the Gulf Stream, the warm current that comes from the Caribbean to our Atlantic shores, making our winters mild and summers enjoyable. Thus, Bordeaux grape varieties can ripen properly, preserved from temperature differences. The presence of the Gironde estuary and the forest strengthens the climatic regulation of the appellation. This gives a pleasant water temperature and makes our beaches popular tourist destinations.

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